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Best Dentist in Kothrud - Dr. Komal Adsool

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At Silver Pearls Dental Clinic, we have a team of doctors who are completely dedicated to provide the best dental care for our patients.

Best dentist in Kothrud, Dr. Komal Adsool

Dr. Komal Adsool

BDS, Government Dental College(GDC) Mumbai

Dr. Komal Adsool is a chief dentist of Silver Pearls dental clinic and known to be one of the best dentists in Kothrud.

She is graduated from Government Dental College (GDC) Mumbai, one of the most renowned and high merit dental college in Maharashtra. Being a vivacious and friendly dentist, she strongly believes that every person walking out of the clinic should go with a smile on their face.

Dr. Komal Adsool is considered to be the best dentist in Kothrud, Pune. She has experience of more than 6 years in this field. Before starting the operations at Silver Pearls dental clinic in Kothrud, she had her clinic set up in Ahmednagar district. She has performed more than hundreds of root canal treatments at very affordable rates and referred there by people as the expert dentist for painless root canal treatments in Kothrud and root canal specialist in Kothrud, Pune. She is considered as one of the best dentists in Kothrud and Pune Metropolitan areas by many of her patients and she's highly recommended by them.

She is currently heading a team of dentists that runs Silver Pearls dental clinic which is known to be one of the most affordable dental clinics in Pune. She has good hands on and mainly involved in Root Canal Treatments in Kothrud, Teeth Cleaning, Painless Teeth Extractions, Cosmetic Fillings & Crown & Bridges along with teeth whitening, along with maintaining the superior quality and feel at service. She believes in educating the people about their dental health rather than just treating them.

Dr. Komal is a caring, gentle and understanding professional. She is completely passionate about dentistry and continuously keeps abreast of the latest advances and developments in the field of dentistry.

She likes to explore the advanced technologies in dentistry. She also likes listening the music and to do the trekking activities and just loves to wander in the nature!

Dentist in Silver Pearls Dental Clinic, Kothrud

Dr. Prashant Dhole

BDS, Terna Dental College and Hospital, Nerul, 2011

Dr. Prashant Dhole is one of the experienced visiting dentist at Silver Pearls Dental Clinic. He has an experience of 10 years in this field. He has completed BDS from Terna Dental College and Hospital, Nerul in 2011.

Understanding that tooth related issues can be scary for many, this dentist has a very calm approach when treating patients which helps keep them calm. He believes in making the dental treatments hassle-free for people from near and far alike to visit and consult the dentist. With an experience of 10 years in dentistry, the doctor is well suited to look into various dental complications.

Some of the services provided by the doctor are: Tooth Extraction, Teeth Whitening, Dental Braces Fixing, Dental Fillings and Dental Implant Fixing etc.

best orthodontist in Kothrud, Pune - Silver Pearls Dental Clinic, Kothrud

Dr. Sawan Punmiya

MDS, Orthodontist, M A Rangoonwala College of Dental Science and Research Centre, 2017

Dr. Sawan Punmiya is one of the experienced orthodontist at Silver Pearls Dental Clinic. He has an experience of more than 6 years in this field. He has completed MDS from M A Rangoonwala College of Dental Science and Research Centre in 2017.

Dr. Sawan is known to be one of the best orthodontist in Kothrud, specialize in the diagnosis, prevention, and correction of teeth and jaw irregularities. He has treated many patients at Silver Pearls Dental Clinic for teeth alignment, jaw development and cavities, with tasks including designing, fabricating, and installing orthodontic appliances to realign teeth and jaws.

Some of the best orthodontic treatments in Kothrud at affordable rates - Ceramic Braces, Clear Aligners, Invisalign, Metal Braces, Dental Braces Fixing etc.

Doctor in Silver Pearls Dental Clinic, Pune

Dr. Bhakti Ghanwat

BDS, Government Dental College(GDC) Mumbai

Dr. Bhakti is visiting Dental Surgeon at Silver Pearls Dental Clinic. Bhakti graduated from Government Dental College (Mumbai) and served as Junior Resident at B.J Medical College (Pune).

Bhakti is also very passionate about dentistry; she will ensure you receive the highest standards of dental care in a friendly and welcoming environment. She happily performs all aspects of dentistry.

Outside of work Bhakti enjoys outdoor activities and travelling with her family.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Being one of best multispeciality dental clinic in Pune, our dentist at Silver pearls dental clinic provides all types of dental treatments and solutions to any of the dental issues under at very affordable rates. We provide all dental treatments, from root canal treatments & single dental crowns to major smile makeovers, a wide range of cosmetic dentistry procedures and dental implants, everything is available under one roof.

You would find many dental clinics in Kothrud and Pune. However Silver Pearls Dental Clinic is one of the best dental clinic in Kothrud where we believe in providing great service and we guarantee that every person will walk off from the clinic with satisfaction and smile on his/her face.

Either you can call directly on +91 800 777 3737 to book an appointment or else you can contact us through appointment page. We advise you to take prior appointments, so we can give you the time slot for you as per your convenience. It will also help us prioritize and serve you better and without wait time.

When you visit the clinic for the first time, the dentist will take all of your personal details, such as your date of birth, contact details, address etc. The dentist will also take a full medical history to make sure that they are fully aware of any illnesses or medication that you may be taking; so that they can then treat you safely. After taking all details, the dentist will then carry out a full dental/oral check-up of your teeth and previous treatment, and also assess the condition of your gums and your general oral hygiene. They may also take diagnostic x-rays.

Then dentist will discuss if you need to have any dental treatment and may give you a treatment plan and tell the best possible and affordable cost. If needed, the dentist may also ask you to take any further appointments.

Though bleeding gums are common in most of the people, it's not OK.

Gums will never bleed if they are healthy. So bleeding gums means that you have some type of infection or inflammation.

There can be several possibilities including trauma, inflammation caused due to bacteria (Gingivitis), or bone loss (Periodontitis) and many more. So it's really difficult to detect the actual reason behind gum bleeding. So getting a diagnosis from a dentist is the best possible way to confirm that you are making the right changes to stop gum bleeding.

If you have got the pain as well as gum bleeding, you will definitely need to see the dentist. Make a call now on +91 800 777 3737.

Don't get panic. Stay calm. Don't worry, we are here to help you. Just call us on +91 800 777 3737 anytime. We will give you an appointment immediately in case such emergencies. Upon your visit to the clinic, our dentist will examine your issue and give the medicines or treatment based on that.

Nowadays, internet is accessible to almost everyone and it's really the best source to gain the knowledge about anything. You can search dental clinics or dentists online and simply just compare them, go through their satisfied patient reviews, photos etc. Then you will definitely able to choose the best clinic in Kothrud and Pune.

Your smile is the first thing people notice when they meet you. So do regular dental checkups for taking care of your dental health and keep smiling!

We suggest you to have a routine dental checkup every 6 months.