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Your smile is the first thing people notice when they meet you! So do regular dental checkups for taking care for your oral health. We recommend you to have dental checkups at least twice a year. At Silver Pearls dental clinic, we offer complementary dental checkups with any treatment.

Your teeth are more precious than your car & mobile. Check them regularly!
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Importance of regular routine dental checkups

We care for your smile and maintaining those precious 32 pearls inside your mouth is our speciality. We recommend you to have dental checkups at least twice a year.

Routine dental checkup is basic thing which many people ignore and face problems in the future. You know it's said that, dentistry isn't expensive, but ignorance is.

Early diagnosis of any dental problem is always better to save your money and natural teeth.

Need of dental consultation

Dental consultation, which is recommended at least once a year, is an assessment of a person’s oral health.

Many people are scared of the dentist. They normally feel anxious or even suffer from panic attack when they think about meeting the dentist or imagine a dental checkup. But the truth is, dental consultation do not have any risks.

The dentists make sure that patients fully understand their dental condition or health and know the risks and benefits of the treatment, if it’s necessary.

Dental X-rays

Dental x-ray (radiographs) are images of your teeth that your dentist uses to evaluate your oral health.

Dental x-rays also help the dentist to find and treat dental problems early on, which can help to save your money, unnecessary discomfort and more important it helps in dental problem diagnosis to save your teeth.

Types of dental x-rays

  • Intraoral - This sort is x-ray is taken by putting the x-ray film inside a mouth.
  • Extraoral - This sort is x-ray is taken by putting the x-ray film outside a mouth.
Image of Dental X-ray

Frequently asked questions about dental checkups and consultation

Your smile is the first thing people notice when they meet you. So do regular dental checkups for taking care of your dental health and keep smiling!

We suggest you to have a routine dental checkup every 6 months.

Though bleeding gums are common in most of the people, it's not OK.

Gums will never bleed if they are healthy. So bleeding gums means that you have some type of infection or inflammation.

There can be several possibilities including trauma, inflammation caused due to bacteria (Gingivitis), or bone loss (Periodontitis) and many more. So it's really difficult to detect the actual reason behind gum bleeding. So getting a diagnosis from a dentist is the best possible way to confirm that you are making the right changes to stop gum bleeding.

If you have got the pain as well as gum bleeding, you will definitely need to see the dentist. Make a call now on +91 800 777 3737.

Everyone's oral health varies from person to person. Some people who have recently diagnosed with gum or dental diseases might need x-rays after every 6 months.

Dental x-rays are perfectly safe while they do expose you to low radiation level. The harmful effects associated with them are also low.

Dental care, including dental x-rays are safe during pregnancy. Use of leaded aprons and thyroid colors will protect you and your fetus from the radiation exposure.

This is probably the most popular question parent ask to the dentists. Parents should bring a child for the first dental visit when the first tooth erupts. It's important to create regular dental habits as early as possible.

We recommend parents bring their kids in to see us every six months. It doesn't take much for primary teeth to decay, simply because they are so small. Regular visits to a pediatric dentist will help us find decay in its early stages and get it taken care of quickly and easily. These visits also allow us to review teeth care instructions. We can also give your child treatments and tools which will help prevent decay.

Nowadays, internet is accessible to almost everyone and it's really the best source to gain the knowledge about anything. You can search dental clinics or dentists online and simply just compare them, go through their satisfied patient reviews, photos etc. Then you will definitely able to choose the best dental clinic in Kothrud and Pune.

You would find many dental clinics in Kothrud and Pune. However Silver Pearls Dental Clinic is one of the best dental clinic in Kothrud where we believe in providing great service and we guarantee that every person will walk off from the clinic with satisfaction and smile on his/her face.

Being one of best multispeciality dental clinic in Pune, our dentist at Silver pearls dental clinic provides all types of dental treatments and solutions to any of the dental issues under at very affordable rates. We provide all dental treatments, from root canal treatments & single dental crowns to major smile makeovers, a wide range of cosmetic dentistry procedures and dental implants, everything is available under one roof.

Either you can call directly on +91 800 777 3737 to book an appointment or else you can contact us through appointment page. We advise you to take prior appointments, so we can give you the time slot for you as per your convenience. It will also help us prioritize and serve you better and without wait time.

Don't get panic. Stay calm. Don't worry, we are here to help you. Just call us on +91 800 777 3737 anytime. We will give you an appointment immediately in case such emergencies. Upon your visit to the clinic, our dentist will examine your issue and give the medicines or treatment based on that.

Book an appointment with the best dentist in Kothrud!

We look forward to see you at Silver Pearls Dental Clinic, Kothrud.

Our Services and Specialities

Book an appointment for complementary dental checkup & consultation with the affordable dentist in Kothrud
Dental checkup, X-ray & consultation

Consult with the best dentist in Kothrud for routine dental checkup & X-ray. Your smile is the first thing people notice when they meet you. So do regular dental checkups for taking care for your oral health. We recommend you to have dental checkups at least twice a year.

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Best root canal treatment in Kothrud
Root canal treatment in Kothrud

If you are looking for the best root canal treatment in Kothrud, we are here to help you. If you have a pain in your tooth while chewing or biting, cracked tooth or an injury to the tooth, then you may need to undergo the root canal treatment; so take an appointment with us.

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Teeth cleaning at affordable rates in Pune
Teeth cleaning at affordable rates

We provide the best and affordable teeth cleaning services in Kothrud. Teeth cleaning or scaling involves the removal of dental plaque and calculus. It is important for keeping the gums and teeth clean. Regular teeth cleaning help you to prevent the many dental problems.

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Choose right dentist for you dental implants in Pune
Dental implants in Pune

Silver Pearls is the best dental clinic in Kothrud and Pune for dental implants. Dental implant is the replacement to the tooth root with metal screw like posts and replaces damaged or missing teeth with artificial teeth (crown). The process is completely painless with using anesthesia.

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Orthodontic treatments and invisible braces

If you are looking for the best orthodontist in Kothrud, we have the team of the best dentists in Kothrud for smile designing treatments like invisible braces, Invisalign for better teeth alignment & closing wide gaps between the teeth.

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Painless teeth removal & wisdom tooth extraction in Kothrud, Pune
Teeth removal & wisdom tooth extraction

Extraction is the process of the removal of teeth under local anesthesia which numbs the tooth site. With the help of elevator, dentist elevate tooth from the socket and with the help of forceps, they remove your tooth from the socket.

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We provide all types of crown and bridges in Kothrud, Pune
Crown and bridges

Your search for the best and affordable dental crowns and bridges in Kothrud, Pune will end with us. Dental crowns and bridges are important for individual damaged, cracked or decayed tooth. It’s also used to place on the top of the dental implants to replace a missing tooth.

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Quality teeth whitening service in Pune to help you begin and end your day with smile
Teeth whitening in Pune

Who don't want the bright, shining and pearls like teeth? Every person dream about it. Book your appointment for the best teeth whitening treatments in Kothrud, Pune. Teeth whitening is the process that will make your teeth appear whiter; it’s also referred as bleaching of teeth.

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Pediatric / kids dentistry

Dr. Komal Adsool at Silver Pearls Dental Clinic is the best pediatric dentist in Kothrud, Pune. Book an appointment with us for your kid for any dental issues. Baby teeth play a very important role in your child’s overall health, development and well-being.

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Our dentist in Kothrud educates the patients during the consultation, helps patients to keep their teeth, gums, and mouth as healthy as possible to prevent the oral health issues
Preventive dentistry

Preventive dental care is key to keeping your teeth healthy. Preventive dentistry is the practice of looking after your gums and teeth and maintaining good oral hygiene to keep them healthy. Book an appointment with the best dentist in Kothrud!

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We provide our patients the all kinds of cosmetic treatments which involves artistic, skilful improvement of your natural smile in order to achieve an attractive, healthy and pleasing smile
Cosmetic dentistry and smile Designing

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