Frequently Asked Questions By Patients

Common questions asked by patients

Below are some commonly asked questions and answers for those questions.

However if you have any questions other that the listed questions, you can drop us an email on or you can WhatsApp us on +91 800 777 3737 to get answers for all your doubts. We will revert back to you as soon as possible and it will also help us to add those questions to this list of commonly asked questions.

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Either you can call directly on +91 800 777 3737 to book an appointment or else you can contact us through appointment page. We advise you to take prior appointments, so we can give you the time slot for you as per your convenience. It will also help us prioritize and serve you better and without wait time.

When you visit the clinic for the first time, the dentist will take all of your personal details, such as your date of birth, contact details, address etc. The dentist will also take a full medical history to make sure that they are fully aware of any illnesses or medication that you may be taking; so that they can then treat you safely. After taking all details, the dentist will then carry out a full dental/oral check-up of your teeth and previous treatment, and also assess the condition of your gums and your general oral hygiene. They may also take diagnostic x-rays.

Then dentist will discuss if you need to have any dental treatment and may give you a treatment plan and tell the best possible and affordable cost. If needed, the dentist may also ask you to take any further appointments.

Though bleeding gums are common in most of the people, it's not OK.

Gums will never bleed if they are healthy. So bleeding gums means that you have some type of infection or inflammation.

There can be several possibilities including trauma, inflammation caused due to bacteria (Gingivitis), or bone loss (Periodontitis) and many more. So it's really difficult to detect the actual reason behind gum bleeding. So getting a diagnosis from a dentist is the best possible way to confirm that you are making the right changes to stop gum bleeding.

If you have got the pain as well as gum bleeding, you will definitely need to see the dentist. Make a call now on +91 800 777 3737.

Don't get panic. Stay calm. Don't worry, we are here to help you. Just call us on +91 800 777 3737 anytime. We will give you an appointment immediately in case such emergencies. Upon your visit to the clinic, our dentist will examine your issue and give the medicines or treatment based on that.

Nowadays, internet is accessible to almost everyone and it's really the best source to gain the knowledge about anything. You can search dental clinics or dentists online and simply just compare them, go through their satisfied patient reviews, photos etc. Then you will definitely able to choose the best clinic in Kothrud and Pune.

Your smile is the first thing people notice when they meet you. So do regular dental checkups for taking care of your dental health and keep smiling!

We suggest you to have a routine dental checkup every 6 months.

We recommend parents bring their kids in to see us every six months. It doesn't take much for primary teeth to decay, simply because they are so small. Regular visits to a pediatric dentist will help us find decay in its early stages and get it taken care of quickly and easily. These visits also allow us to review teeth care instructions. We can also give your child treatments and tools which will help prevent decay.

Root canal is performed when the soft inner part of the tooth, i.e. pulp is injured or became inflamed or infected.

The inflamed or infected pulp is removed and the inside part of tooth is carefully cleaned and disinfected, and then filled and sealed. This is a quick, comfortable and painless procedure that can relieve your pain and save your natural tooth.

No. Root canal treatment is completely painless. It's done under anesthesia, so patients feel comfortable during the procedure.

After the treatment, your tooth may feel some discomfort but that can be relieved with prescribed medicines.

An infected tooth remains infected until it undergoes the root canal treatment or tooth is removed. If it is not treated, the infection can spread and an abscess will form. The presence of an abscess is an indication that the infection has spread to the jawbone and surrounding tissues. Sometimes delaying treatment will mean that you also have to treat (or lose) the teeth on either side of the original infected tooth. Infection can also spread into your tissues like the face, the floor of the mouth and even the brain.

In order to keep your teeth and gums in the best health, you must get a professional dental check done once every six months. In some people, who tend to accumulate more calculus, the dentist might advise getting more frequent cleaning sessions in order to keep their teeth and gums healthy.

The process is completely painless with using anesthesia. The process is minimally traumatic. After the surgery, patient has to take painkillers prescribed by the dentist.

It is important to keep having your teeth checked by your dental team while you are having orthodontic treatment. You also need to take extra care of your teeth and mouth:

  • Clean your teeth carefully every day.
  • Cut down on how often you have sugary foods and drinks.
  • Brush your teeth last thing at night and at least one other time during the day. Use a mouthwash if you need to.

Your dentist will give you the local anesthesia during the procedure to eliminate the pain and after the treatment they prescribe you the medicines to handle the pain, so it won't be painful at all.

No. If there is enough room they will usually come through into a useful position and cause no more problems than any other tooth. Often there will be some slight discomfort as they come through, but this will disappear once the tooth is fully in position.

Depending upon the need. Molars and premolar are needed more for chewing & requires crowns. Incisors or canines doesn't always required crowns, however it's always good to have crowns after root canal treatments because tooth becomes brittle after the treatment and hence more likely to break or crack.

Tooth whitening can be a very effective way of lightening the natural colour of your teeth without removing any of the tooth surface. It cannot make a complete colour change, but it may lighten the existing shade.

Gently cleaning dentures every day is necessary for long-lasting dentures. General cleaning instructions include using a soft brush and a special cleanser, with each denture type coming with its own set of instructions for care.

Yes, preventive dentistry is not restricted to any age or any gender. It is a treatment meant for everyone.

If you have broken or chipped teeth, your dentist can correct them through restorative dentistry. However, you may visit the dentist for cosmetic purposes if you have any of the following concerns:

  • stained or discolored teeth
  • gaps in between teeth
  • uneven teeth
  • worn down teeth
  • excess gum tissue

The duration of your treatment will depend on the number and type of procedures and the extent of the changes you want to make. Some smile makeovers take as little as one or two appointments scheduled within a few weeks, while others may require several weeks of treatment. For patients who add orthodontic treatment to their smile makeover, the timeline will be longer.

If you have any additional questions related to the treatments, please visit treatment pages where you will find everything about that treatment, right from need of the treatment, procedures to treatments types as well as the treatment related common questions and their answers by our dentist.